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The Woodturner Plus


My main woodturning interests are in decorative objects, (see some examples below) made from mostly English woods. I am  on the executive committee of the Association of Wood Turners of Great Britain and I am Secretary to a branch of the AWGB and also Webmaster for the AWGB


I am happy to give  demonstrations in the East Anglian region and have a number of subjects which have been presented to AWGB branches recently. 


In addition to turning I am a glider pilot, I fly model aero planes, I play with computers and I do a lot of gardening.

I will be pleased to hear from others with any of the same interests at

Some of My Work

Click for larger views

Maple Bowl

Oak Bowl

Elm Bowl

Globe Clock

Monkey Puzzle Pot

Silver Birch Pot 

Yew Lamp



Ebony, Yew, Beech, Ash


Ash Figures


Oak Plate 12"

Burr Poplar Plate 15"

American Tulip Wood Plate 12"